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Inflate a fluid site

Sent by Terry Jeske on 15 September 2005 01:01


I have been toiling with using css and positioning to create a site that 
flows. I have it pretty much were I want it (in other words, I cannot afford 
to keep tinkering with it <g>), but I have run into an issue. I need to 
"inflate" the content area so that it is always has set buffer on the right 
and left side (see link below). When I first developed the page I noticed 
that if there was enough content on the page, it would push "inflate" the 
content area to the proper size. I found a solution that works with FF and 
IE, but when I load it in Opera it does not work. I place the following code 
in my content div, and it pushes everything out nice -except for opera:
<!--to inflate page by default-->
<div style="clear:left">
<div style="float:right;"></div>

So my question is:
1. Is there a better way to do this?
2. If not, is there an Opera expert that knows how to fix this?

This site has the above code snippet in it, so it looks fine in FF and IE.
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