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Re: [css-d] RE: How to replaces tables/frames with CSS?

Sent by Mark Howells on 29 January 2002 13:01

>> I thought ids were supposed to be unique to a page. If you're going to
>> recycle something like p class="top" td class="top" then you use 
>> classes.
> a/o error ;-)
> (Apples/Oranges error :-)
> Yes, 'id' should be unique, which means that it should not be *defined*
> more than once, but it can be used more than once.

Elements identified with id should be unique in a page, otherwise it's 
not valid (X)HTML and throws a warning on the W3C HTML validator 
<>. Valid (X)HTML is the foundation on which 
beautiful towers of CSS should be built to avoid everything sliding into 
the sand when a new browser version is released.

Mark Howells
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