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Compliant Browser displaying "upgrade browser message"

Sent by Rebecca Cox on 14 September 2005 23:11

Not sure why Net * / IE 6 were displaying the upgrade message, but in any
case its not a good idea to use display: none to hide content unless you
don't' mind it being hidden from some screen readers.

I usually use the following which positions the hidden content offscreen:

..hide {
position: absolute;
top: -5000px;
left: -5000px;

See - a bit old now but has results
from some screen reader tests.

Rebecca Cox

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[EMAIL-REMOVED]] On Behalf Of Craddock, Melissa
Sent: Thursday, 15 September 2005 9:28 a.m.
Subject: [css-d] Compliant Browser displaying "upgrade browser message"

The email excerpt below was sent today from a user. We are using the
WASP Invisible Object Method to display the "Upgrade Note". I downloaded
NS 8 and the page displayed correctly for me and has been displaying
correctly in IE 6 and FireFox. I know that if the user disables CSS that
they would receive the message but we spoke to the guy on the phone and
he didn't have CSS disabled through the accessibility feature on IE. I
don't know how to disable CSS in Netscape 8. 

I really need your help. Going CSS and standards compliant was a big
step and lots of red tape. We are hoping to have all CDC using CSS for
layout over the next several months. Any ideas on what could be going
on? Thanks.

"I just logged onto the site:  

At the top the notation appears: Note: If you can read this text, you
are probably using a browser that is not compliant with current Internet
standards. You may want to upgrade your browser

Unfortunately, I am using Netscape and Internet Explorer
6.0.2800 with the same results." 



Melissa H. Craddock
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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