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Accessibility site check and help with rounded corners

Sent by David Laakso on 14 September 2005 19:07

Richard Brown wrote:

> Thanks to Felix and Gunlaug for there help on sorting this site out. I 
> have tried to improve things from an accessibility point of view. 
> Please could you check things out for me, 
> thanks.

I know from nothing about accessibility. Some suggestions I hope will 
not conflict with Felix or Georg's recommendations.
amend html:
<li id="active"><a href="" id="current">D 
&amp; G Construction (SW) Ltd</a></li>
to read
<li id="active"><a href="" 
amend css to read:
--  body {  margin: 0;    padding: 0;    background-color: #fff;    
color: #000;    min-width: 44em; font: 100.01% sans-serif; 
--  #navcontainer ul {padding-left: 0;margin-left: 
0;font-size:.*0.87*/0.9em;background-color: #b29a67;color: #000;float: 
left;width: 100%;/*font-variant: small-caps;*//*and add*/font-weight: 600;}
--  #middleleft,#middleright,#sidebar {_overflow-x: hidden; 
padding-bottom: 1em;}
-- delete: font-variant: small-caps; from h2
add this stuff to css
--  p {padding: 0 15px; text-align: left;}
-- a:link, a:visited, a:hover {color: #000; }
a:hover {color: red; }
I hate rounded corners so I did not look at that page.

> I am also trying to some different work re designs and am trying to 
> use the rounded corner method from this page. 
> This is the page that I have used it on, but I know it doesn't look 
> right in WinIE. Could anybody please tell me how to get it working.
> Thanks for all the help.
> Rich
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