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suckerfish issue]

Sent by Ray Mike Troy Pello on 14 September 2005 17:05

Ray Mike Troy Pello wrote:

> Tekin Suleyman wrote:
>> no, the problem is that when you roll over the 'products' menu buttom,
>> the sub menu appears, but a big gap also appears between the 'products'
>> button and the 'gallery' one. I only seem to get this with IE6..
>> I have discovered that if i add
>> height:1em;
>> vertical-align: bottom;
>> to the ul#mainnav li style, this gets rid of the problem, but messes it
>> up for other browsers. I may have to settle for having a seperate
>> conditional stylesheet for IE6 with these styles in.. 

Found the problem.. you used display: block; to show the list of 
dropdowns on IE this is somewhat buggy and tend to have some margin 
problems on IE.
I tried a couple of steps but i think adding ul#mainnav li to include 
float: left; instead of display: block; does the trick.

The code should be :

ul#mainnav li {
    display: block;
    float: left;

Of course then the boxiviy div below it would need to be adjusted. But i 
hope this can help your problem.
Double stylesheet wont help .. more work IMO


Ray Pello
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