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suggestions on how to accomplish layout

Sent by Scot Schlinger on 14 September 2005 17:05

> Suggestion:
> A 'float: right;' with negative top and bottom-margin, and positive
> right-margin, will solve your problem just fine. Mark it up first in the
> middle-section, give it a width, and set no height so it will
> self-adjust to whatever you put inside it.
> Georg thank you for your input. I think I am going in the right direction, 
but have some problems. 

Please look at in ie 6.x and ff windows xp: 

Ff is getting close...I can't get the column to span completely (per the 
table one: Do I have to use faux 
columns? I am already using on the left-hand column. If that is the option, 
how woudl I do that twice?

ie as expected really shows it strangely. I don't if this is because it is 
screwed or the "order" or "layout" of my page?

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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