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Having trouble clearing a footer

Sent by Kristina Floyd on 13 September 2005 11:11

> Kristina Floyd wrote:
>> <> and tell me why I

Gunlaug Sørtun wrote:
> Remove 'AP' and just let it float, and a normal 'clear: both' on footer
> will work as expected.

Thank you for your reply.

The reason I was using AP, is because the design has been designed for
800px wide with the ability to grow to 1024px, in browsers that have the
max-width capability.  (So IE6 stays at 800px - unless does anyone know
of a way to do this in IE6 without using scripting?)

The top image has been designed to be partially hidden and then become
more visible if the browser is larger than 800px wide.  As per:
<>.  To be able to achieve this effect
requires an absolute position.

To be able to achieve the cleared footer requires no AP but floated divs
and a cleared footer...

Is what I'm trying to do possible?  If you go to
<> and then resize the
browser you will get an idea of what I have in mind....

Thanks again
Cheers for now

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