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ADMIN: additions to the Policies page

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 13 September 2005 01:01

Hi everyone,

    Just a note that I added three things to the Policies page 
(  In case you want to 
spare yourself a click, here's a summarized version of what I added:

* No matter how potentially embarrassing they may be, posted messages 
are never, ever deleted from the list archives.
* If you suddenly stop receiving list mail, do not post a "test" message.
* If it's taking a long time for your post to show up, wait.

    There's more detail on the Policies page, but that's the essence 
of each one.  The first of the three is an unwritten but 
long-standing policy.  The second two are, I suppose, new, but only 
in the sense that it's become necessary to write them down.
    I may also add one about the reply-to policy as well, in case 
anyone's thinking of suggesting it, but the question comes up fairly 
rarely.  The added three, sadly, are not so rare.
    If you're an old hand with the Policies page, the new three are 
near the bottom of the list.  If you were previously unaware of the 
Policies page, then hie thee hence and read it.  Thank you.

Eric A. Meyer  [EMAIL-REMOVED])
Principal, Complex Spiral Consulting
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