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Is it possible to create this type of a layout with CSS?

Sent by CJ Larson on 12 September 2005 20:08

I have a couple very similar questions.  Currently, is there another
method to style the following two header layouts without needing an
additional clearing div?  (Top line is the width of entire page) 

In my case, I can't specify a height for the logo, because the companies
we deal with will want to put their own logo on the pages, and I can't
code that height into the CSS.  I've had an especially hard time with
the second style.

[Style 1] (Logo on left, text right aligned)
+------------------+                               login/out
|       LOGO       |                                    name

[Style 2] (Logo centered between page margins, text right aligned,
without the right text moving the image to the left)
                    +------------------+           login/out
                    |       LOGO       |                name

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Hi Melissa,
This is a quick run tested in FF IE6 win sp2.
Works ok change sizes etc to suit.
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