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suckerfish issue

Sent by Oliver Hodgson on 12 September 2005 17:05

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> From: Tekin Suleyman
> Subject: [css-d] suckerfish issue
> for some reason, the sub list disappears when the mouse 
> hovers over the
> border between the list elements (which also appears to be rendering
> behind the main image over which the list is displayed in firefox!?)

It only seems to happen where the menu is over the image to the right of the menu. What is the
overflow value of that image's container? I had a similar issue on one of my sites when it was set
to overflow:auto; or none; - although moving the mouse over it at all triggered the disappearance,
as opposed to it only happening in the gaps.

This was down to a bug in Firefox, and it has apparently been fixed for version 1.5.


Olly Hodgson
Web Designer, Sesame

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