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How to display data correct semantically

Sent by Kristina Floyd on 12 September 2005 15:03

Hello listee's

I have a semantics question for you.

I have a message board that I am creating the prototype HTML pages for.

The first page of the discussion board displays all the top level topics 
plus the name of the person that posted the topic, the number of posts 
and the date of the last post.

When the user clicks on the topic he/she wishes to view a second page 
opens showing a list of the replies to the topic, each indented a little 
to show it is a reply to the one above.

Now my question is this - at the top level without any of the replies 
visible the data is tabular.  at the second level with the replies 
visible the data continues to be tabular but is also a list as well - - 
or is it?

How should I mark it up so that it is correct?

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