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RE: [css-d] Using CSS2 to format printed output

Sent by Merkey, Brett on 29 January 2002 13:01

|  I recently attempted to use the information from
| to force a page break, for
|  printing purposes, in one of my pages. I could not get it to 
|  work so I
|  fell back on outputting two separate pages, one for each 
|  printed page.
|  Are
|  the paged media features of CSS2 supported by any current browsers? I
|  tried this with IE 5.0 and NS 4.7 with no luck.

IE has supported the 
page-break-before: always 
page-break-after: always 

since IE4. Works fine, but you have to be careful how
it is applied to the HTML. For instance, the style will
not work within a table. If you are using tables for layout, 
then you may be out of luck. I do not know since we eliminated 
tables for layout at work in 1998 and I never tested the print 
stuff on old HTML.

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