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Layout fails in Konqueror

Sent by Gunther Pilz on 12 September 2005 15:03


Id like to make a 'flexible' design, which should
- scale down well for small screen devices (handy, pda, s.o.).
- display well on normal screen sizes (from 800x600 up to whatever).
- not totally break, if user changes font-size (in Moz, FF and IE - don't
know anything about other browsers, except Opera, which zooms the whole

There for I decided to make a two-column layout (with the main-col first in
source and the possibility to easily switch the side-col from left to

The (basic) structure is:
* page-wrapper
* header
* cols-wrapper (assigned the 'clearfix' method to not having the need for an
extra clearing-div)
* main-col (is floated to the left or right for being first in source)
* side-col (is floated to the other side than the main-col)
* footer

The page-wrapper has a max-width. Widths for main- and side-col are set in
percents, font-size in EMs. For the effect of equal-height columns I used
the faux-column technique.

Here you'll find a (working-)example of the page:
and the layout css-file:

I've registered a trial account at! As you can see
( on picture 23 and 24
the layout totally breaks in Konqueror.

I don't know much about this browser (and his bugs) so any hints are
welcome, as well as any other suggestions for making the layout more

Or what method would you choose to make it a three-column layout (with the
flexibility to switch back to 2-cols simply by style)?

Best regards

PS: Wenn hier jemand aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum kommt, der Lust hat, mit
mir eine deutschsprachige CSS-Seite (Tutorials, Einführung, Beispiele,
Experimentelles) zu machen, oder über CSS-Dinge mal gemeinsam nachzudenken,
der möge sich bitte melden - Danke!  

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