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help positioning

Sent by Bob Easton on 12 September 2005 12:12

Bram & Vera wrote:
> hello all,
> i'm trying to make csszengarden template, well right now i'm lil bit 
> frustated with positioning between IE and Firefox anyone can give me a clue 
> please
> take a look on this screenshot
> #quickSummary .p2 {
> position: absolute;
> top: 110px;
> width: 280px;
> text-align: right; 
> margin-left: 405px; 
> }
> #quickSummary .p1 {
> position: absolute;
> top: 190px;
> width: 158px;
> margin-left: 342px;
> text-align: right;
> line-height: 14px; 
> }

You're not making this very easy for us. We have to go somewhere else to 
determine what p1 and p2 are, and we have to guess at which result you 
actually prefer. Debugging from screen shots and small code clips is 
nearly impossible. There are lots of other variables we don't see with 
just a tiny clip of code.  For example, what other adjustments have you 
made elsewhere for font size, for line height, and for paragraph margins.

 From what little I see here, I think the basic problem is either with 
font sizing techniques, or with paragraph margin-top settings (defalut 
or otherwise).  Additionally, I think you'll find absolute positioning 
far too fragile for this application. The first time someone resizes 
text in their browser, overlaps are very likely.

Bob Easton
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