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Vertically top aligning bugged vertically centered text

Sent by Jim Davis on 11 September 2005 05:05


It appears that you are trying to achieve a 2 column fluid design with a 
header. You would also like the left and right columns to extend to the 
bottom of the viewport regardless of the content within the columns. There 
are a number of resources that offer free examples of various types of 
layouts that will help you learn different methods of achieving your 

A good place to start is the wiki for this list:
You should also study the demos available at

Two of my favorite resources are:

Hope this info helps,


On 9/10/05, Peter Frederiksen [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Me:
> A newbie who had his first glance at HTML a week ago and in the mean time 
> has looked at the HTML- and CSS-docs of two sites in adherence to the 
> LBD-principle. And no: I'm not stealing anyone's design or ideas and the two 
> sites are going to be credited.
> What I want (background colors set for testing purposes):
> Header Menu:
> From top left corner to top right corner of screen
> Background color: Green
> Side Menu:
> From top left corner to bottom left corner of screen
> Background color: Black
> Main area:
> The rest
> Background color: White
> (Body test color: yellow)
> [snip]
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