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tweaking safari::win/ie 5.5 & 6.0

Sent by David Laakso on 10 September 2005 17:05

Ingo Chao wrote:

> David Laakso wrote:
>> On this test page < <>
>> Comments, suggestions, and other corrections are always appreciated, 
>> too.
>> ~Aesop
> Sorry, but a peek-a-boo wasn't reproducible here. Maybe IE has made 
> some progress since you was walking on earth?

Nah, Internet Explorer has made no progress whatsoever: Aesop sent you 
on a wild goose chase looking for the infamous peek-a-boo bug. He should 
have written what to do (*if anything*) about the 2+px sliver of content 
that 'peeks' through below the footer in xp ie6.0 at 1280?

We are grateful for your  thorough analysis of Aesop's other problems, 
and the appropriate fixes you have provided for same!

> best regards
> Ingo


David Laakso

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