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Unwanted whitespace - please advise...

Sent by Ian Piper on 10 September 2005 14:02

Excellent, thanks. That has indeed removed the largest white space.  
Thanks also for the tip.

Can anyone suggest a good strategy for ensuring that background  
colours fill colums (I did say I'd come back to that later :-) )? You  
will see in the sample online:

that I can fill up the third column using margin-top and margin- 
bottom, but I sense that there is probably a more elegant solution.

Also, I cannot figure out why the tiled section background is not  
displayed. I wanted to break down the section heading by having a  
left image, a right image and a tiled shim image in the middle that  
will eventually be used to fill in the gap when the page is resized.  
Here is the html I used: following that is the css.

                 <div id="section">
                     <div id="section-left">
                         <img src="images/section_left.gif" />
                     <div id="section-right">
                         <img src="images/section_right.gif" />


#section {
     width: 490px;
     vertical-align: top;
     background-image: url(../images/section_shim.gif);
     background-repeat: repeat-x;

#section-left {
     width: 200px;
     float: left;

#section-right {
     width: 50px;
     float: right;

Dr Ian M Piper
skype: ianmpiper
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

On 10 Sep 2005, at 13:57, Jim Davis wrote:

> Ian,
> The white space above the footer seems to be caused by the #clear  
> {...} rule. Try removing #clear from the css and adding clear:  
> both; to #footer. As a side note, it is probably a good idea to  
> avoid using property names, such as clear, as an id or class name.
> Jim
> On 9/10/05, Ian Piper [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> ...It seems to work fairly well apart from some unwanted white
> space. If you have a look at this you should see the problem:
> In Safari it looks OK apart from about 10 pixels of white above the
> footer. In IE this white space is also visible, but there is also
> about 2 pixels of white space above and below the banner (the top
> half of the sunflower picture).

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