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Unwanted whitespace - please advise...

Sent by Ian Piper on 10 September 2005 12:12

Hi all,

I am banging my head against this and would greatly appreciate some  

I have a three-column layout with a fixed width. I have tried to put  
it together using div tags and throwing as much as possible into the  
css file. It seems to work fairly well apart from some unwanted white  
space. If you have a look at this you should see the problem:

In Safari it looks OK apart from about 10 pixels of white above the  
footer. In IE this white space is also visible, but there is also  
about 2 pixels of white space above and below the banner (the top  
half of the sunflower picture).

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong here? (BTW don't worry  
about the backgrounds not filling the columns - I'll deal with that  

Thanks in advance,

Dr Ian M Piper
skype: ianmpiper
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