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No hack I've tried gives OL its numbers in %$#@& IE6

Sent by pandy on 10 September 2005 04:04

BJ wrote:
>Validating page here:
>Validating css here (with a bit embedded in above):
>I have tried what seems like almost every hack on this and can't get the 
>numbers to show in that list in the content section of the page.

You don't need a hack. You have disabled IE's default margin on OL, which 
is where it places the list marker.

..content ol {
         width: 80%;
         margin: 0 auto;

So, either remove the 'auto' and let IE do its thing or add left margin or 
padding to OL, alternatively left padding to LI. Doesn't matter. Just let 
there be some space where a marker can live.


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