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IE not using relative path for url(

Sent by Dejan Kozina on 9 September 2005 22:10

Hello list.
I've just noticed a strange behavior of IE6 (big surprise :-)!) parsing 
my server logs.
A website I made recently ( uses a 
IE-specific stylesheet @imported from within a conditional comment. I 
had there a rule (a leftover from an early experiment) calling for a HTC 
behavior, as in
body { behavior: url(;}
Both the HTC file and all the CSS files were in the same /common/ 
directory, together with the background images. While IE correctly uses 
  url() as being relative to the css file when loading the background 
images, unexpectedly it wants to load the HTC taking the HTML file as a 
starting point. Same thing when I tried to move the rule to the main CSS 
file (outside the CC).
Does this make any sense? I didn't find anything on Google nor in the 
list archives.


Dejan Kozina
Dolina 346 (TS) - I-34018 Italy
tel./fax: +39 040 228 436 - cell.: +39 348 7355 225  - e-mail: [EMAIL-REMOVED]
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