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Nav technique suggestion

Sent by Joh on 9 September 2005 22:10

Hi Adam,

Here is a testpage that covers the links allready.

Will be back tonight after some testing on all the current browsers.

Some pointers and ideas though:
- the layout seems to hold ok(see browser testing above, too early yet to tell)
- an extra span is not required for the anchors (fixed that)
- IE 6 flickers the background when set on achors with cache setting 'everytime you ...'
can be solved though with extra backgrounds (need first clarity if you need an active state too per
home, contact, and so on)
- use media= screen, projection to please Opera in full screen mode or media=all
- what browsers are you aiming for ?? No idea, tell me
- use background-color for #nav that is same as the overall colour feel of the nav images
could use 1 by 1px gif too eg or matching CSS color ?? 

..... Will come back to you my e-mail: vt665140(@)versateladsl(dot)be



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