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Lateral backgrounds on fluid layout

Sent by Valentin Agachi on 8 September 2005 20:08

Hello, everyone!

I can't figure a way out of how can I add two repeat-y lateral external 
image backgrounds to a fluid layout.

To better describe the problem:
Take a fluid layout of say 70% max-width. On each side, on the outside 
of the container (which has the 70% max width) I want two apply 
different backgrounds, but which stick to thier side when the browser is 
resized (meaning the left one has its right margin clued to the left 
margin of the layout, and the right one has its left margin glued to the 
right margin of the layout). You may think of it like faux columns on a 
fluid layout (but not to the content but to the outside of the layout).

Does anyone have any idea on how can this be achieved ?

*Valentin Agachi*
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