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navbar problem

Sent by Scot Schlinger on 8 September 2005 18:06

Hi all,

I have a navbar that I wish to change the background color and drop the 
bottom border when the given page is active. I have done this but when I 
make those small changes to the last list item (link) in the navbar, the 
text that is below the navbar is mis-aligned in ff 1.0.6 win but appears the 
way I would like it in ie 6.x (I am sure ie is showing it incorrectly even 
though that is what I want).

page without changes:
page with changes:

The css is in the page as the project is just getting started, but I am 
using the following to control the last list item:
#navlist li a.last {
border-width: 1px 0;

#navlist li a.last1 {
border-width: 1px 0 0;
background-color: #339;
color: #cc3;

Thank you for you time and consideration,
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