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IE 5.2 Mac not showing styles

Sent by Keith Burgin on 8 September 2005 18:06

Hi folks.

I"m working on a new business site, and am having problems with IE 5.2 
on Mac.  I've looked numberous places for solutions, but have either 
glossed over something obvious, or haven't run across it yet.

Problem is that IE 5.2 does not act on most of my styles.  I say most, 
because #topmastContent is clearly centered in #topmast and would not be 
  if all styles were ignored.  However, beyond that and the logo 
styling, everything just goes to hell in a handbasket.

Can someone take a look at this for me please?  Links go nowhere.  Nav 
is just "there" for right now.

Site validates XHTML trans, and CSS.  I'm working on Mac OS X Tiger - 
Safari and Firefox look fine.

Thanks -

Keith Burgin
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