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css for print make my page hugly

Sent by Fabrice Mangault on 8 September 2005 14:02

I can't manage to make a proper css for print

under ie6 i must select "landscape" in the printing preferencies to have 
all the text or it's cutted on the right edge.
On the landscape setup it prints ok, but the line at the bottom of page 
2 is splitted on page 2 and page 3

under firefox i just have one buggy page  (whathever i do : select 
shrink to fit, portrait or landscape it is still buggy)

on builder they're talking about removing floats to make it work under 
ff but my floats aren't there!,39024614,39130330-2,00.htm


here is my test page 

Thanks in advance


Fabrice Mangault

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