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IE "jumping link" problem

Sent by Evan Kutter on 8 September 2005 01:01

the page loads and works properly in ffox... IE is the culprit in this 
scenario.  when the page is loaded or refreshed, the text "tooltip text" 
displays at the top of the relatively positioned div.container, 
overlapping existing text.  on mouseover, the text "jumps" down to its 
correct position between the 2nd and 3rd paragraph, and then provides 
the tooltip functionality correctly.

some testing has revealed that if the tooltip is not located inside a 
table, or inside a relatively positioned div, this "jumping" will not 
occur... i managed to fix the problem for my purpose by changing the div 
to absolute positioning, but does anyone know other ways to fix this 
problem?  or is this just one of those IE bugs that one has to learn 
about as a web dev?

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