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possible to declare multiple backgrounds on divs in C SS?

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 7 September 2005 19:07

> Is this possible to do?
>  #content_wrapper{


> background: #fff url(../assets/images/left_bg_repeat.gif) 
> repeat-y top left;
>  background: url(../assets/images/right_outer_repeat.gif) 
> repeat-y top 
> right;
> }
> or are you only allowed onebakground per div?
>  I am trying to create a repeating shadow effect on the right 
> and left sides 
> of my outer div as well as have a repeating side column 
> background, but 
> don't want to have to create three separate divs to hold 
> these background 
> images if possible.
>  thanks,
> -- 
> ::Bruce::


I believe you can only have one background image per div, with the last
declared taking precedence. You will indeed have to create individual DIVs
or other elements to hold those background images.

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