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dropdown problem in ie

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 7 September 2005 19:07

Kathleen Ballard wrote:
> Dear List, I have a page with a css dropdown that works fine in FF, 
> NN and Opera on the pc.  In ie, the drop down ul is forcing the the 
> height and width of the parent li to include the menu li's.

#nav li ul {
margin-right: -160px /* or more */;
....will take care of the problem in IE/win, by making the float take up
no space.

> I am also seeing a few issues with Opera in the width of the gray 
> image at the lower left as well as the positioning of the main 
> navigation.

CSS: You have a few unitless width-values in there that Opera may choke on.

HTML Tidy also suggest you should validate the mark-up. The entire page
breaks if I let Tidy correct it.

- One minor detail: Comments should be written like <!-- whatever -->
(even number of hyphens), not <!--- whatever --->.

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