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Re: css-d] IE list problem

Sent by Edith Karnitsch @ TerraNetwork on 7 September 2005 18:06

Jon Stephenson wrote: 
"I am working on a site where I have to build 2 copies one in html using
tables for layout and one using divs for layout. The only common element is
the let nav that is built using an unordered list but I am having trouble
with it in IE. My test build is at it
looks great but in IE it seems to have some extra space at the bottom of the
list items."

Jon - when I checked it out in IE6, on hover the links jumped which seems to
be due to borders not showing correctly. Try changing the " border: XXpx" to
"border-width: XXpx" (both in your a and a:hover). This will render your
border correctly. I'm guessing that as you also defined border-top-color /
border-style etc. the shorthand border command isn't working in IE.

Hope it helps, Edith Karnitsch
(Newbie to the list & just trying to keep my sanity whilst re-designing a
site in CSS which works in IE and Firefox :)

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