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IE list problem

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 7 September 2005 14:02

> I have moved from web design to web development 18 months ago 
> and I seem to
> have gotten more then a little rusty in my css. I am working 
> on a site where
> I have to build 2 copies one in html using tables for layout 
> and one using
> divs for layout. The only common element is the let nav that 
> is built using
> an unordered list but I am having trouble with it in IE. My 
> test build is at
> it looks great but in 
> IE it seems to
> have some extra space at the bottom of the list items. I am sure I am
> missing something simple any help would be appreciated. Thanks
> Jon Stephenson


I assume the example above is the "tables" version of the layout. :-)

First, you need to validate your XHTML.">

Once you've done that, you can validate your CSS as well, using the W3C

One thing I noticed right off is that you cannot use numbers as names (or
the beginnings of names) for IDs.

Even though you're using tables for layout here, I would still advise you to
use CSS for as much styling as you can. For instance, take the BODY tag. You

MARGINHEIGHT="0" bgcolor="#ffffff">

In CSS you could instead have:

body {
background-color: #fff;

Once you've validated the XHTML and the CSS, see where you stand with your
problem. If its still there, post to the list again and we'll all take a
look and try to help you as best we can.

Good luck

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