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MAC OSX problem with background image in hyperlink

Sent by Jono on 7 September 2005 11:11

On 9/7/05 6:05 AM, "Bob Easton" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> Two solutions:
> 1) hide from MAC IE (radpidly declining market share) with this hack:
> 2) code the image into the html (yes I know, you want to avoid this)


I have an idea that might do the trick?  Try making the background image way
larger than it needs to be, but keep the small red arrow graphic as small as
it needs to be, and place it in the center of the large bg image.

Make sure the large graphic is the same color as the background.  In your
case, you would make a bg image that was 300x300 pixels and then place the
small red arrow directly into the center of the large white 300x300 pixel bg

You then would position the the bg image centered vertically next to your
link.  My thinking is that if the link goes to two lines, the large bg image
will still repeat, but you will only see the top piece - which is plain old
white - of the large 300x300 white area on the following repeated image.

300px x 300px bg image with arrow in center
|          |
|          |
|    >     |  Link text appears here.
|          |
|          |

Hopefully when the large image (above) repeats, there will not be enough
padding to reveal the small arrow in the second image that gets repeated
(incorrectly) in IE5/Mac?  Lemme' know if that works?

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