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Disappearing items in dropdown menu

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 7 September 2005 10:10

> I did think about that, but the support for tabbing through the menu is
> mainly designed to just ease things for people using the keyboard, most
> of these kind of menus I've seen just won't show submenus at all when
> used that way. The way it works now, though not ideal, is just the same
> as it would be to tab through a normal list of links that was completely
> unformatted. It would certainly be nice to add support for another key
> to make them "drop" but I'm trying to keep it simple and just using
> focus on the links at the moment. Adding support for another key to open
> menus would change that and considerably complicate things... It's
> certainly a good point though, thanks!

It is a very good point that is always overlooked. The only dropdown
menu I know that allows for real keyboard navigation (tab and cursor
keys)  is brothercake's:
> Does anyone else have any thoughts? Would you be irritated using it the
> way it is now? And has anyone spotted my Mac problem yet?

I always wince at the work "accessible dropdown navigation" when it
comes to multi level menus. It is not generally accessible, as it does
require a visual browser to work properly and is confined to a certain
screen estate. If you check your menu in a small window, you will
realise that you can expand to the fourth level, but when you scroll
the window there to read what is in the menu, then you will lose the
menu again, and you get stuck in an endless frustrating loop.
Further accessibility issues are:
- no current state - the current page is linked to itself and is
probably buried in a third level
- too many links not related to the current page - by using a menu
like that you offer a sitemap on each page.


Chris Heilmann 
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