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Disappearing items in dropdown menu

Sent by John Lawrence on 7 September 2005 09:09

>I don't know about the Mac side of things, but the biggest problem I see
>with this menu system is when tabbing through the items, the sub-menus are
>fully expanded out, whether you've selected that submenu or not, and you are
>forced to tab through all the submenus before you can get to the next
>selection in the menu you're currently on.
I did think about that, but the support for tabbing through the menu is 
mainly designed to just ease things for people using the keyboard, most 
of these kind of menus I've seen just won't show submenus at all when 
used that way. The way it works now, though not ideal, is just the same 
as it would be to tab through a normal list of links that was completely 
unformatted. It would certainly be nice to add support for another key 
to make them "drop" but I'm trying to keep it simple and just using 
focus on the links at the moment. Adding support for another key to open 
menus would change that and considerably complicate things... It's 
certainly a good point though, thanks!

Does anyone else have any thoughts? Would you be irritated using it the 
way it is now? And has anyone spotted my Mac problem yet?


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