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MAC OSX problem with background image in hyperlink

Sent by Antony Tennant on 7 September 2005 08:08

Hi all,
I have a problem and would appreciate if anyone can shed light on a solution (if there is one).
There is a design requirement to have an arrow at the left of a link. I have tried to do this using
css to add a background image to the link rather than having an image hard coded before each link.
I have encountered a problem as illustrated at
(ignore the banner stuff as this is a free hosting site)
On a Mac OSX IE, additional arrows are shown when the link wraps on to additional lines.
I have been able to avoid this happening if I use list items <li> however I dont want to be placing
single list items in different areas of the page. I could put a browser hack in the css so I dont
have an arrow on Macs, again I would like to avoid this if possible
Any advice or solution would be appreciated.

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