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3-in-1- IE Burp, Mac checks please, and Conditional

Sent by BJ on 7 September 2005 04:04


I am better at raising questions than answering them. Is your page 
behaving at 1280 (viewed in XP ff/ie) the way you intend?
David Laakso

Well, David, since you brought it up and since I don't have a resolution 
available to me bigger than 1024 X 768, I asked a couple friends to look 
on their bigger screens. Vicki had this to say, "It looks GREAT in all 
res's on my 17" 1600x1200's - clear down to 800x600 and even boosting 
text size by 150% it's good, clear down to 800x600.... " Jerry called me 
on the phone and said it looks fine, and I know he uses larger text 
sizes. So I guess I'm good to go.

So yeah, I guess it does look the way I intend.

avast! Antivirus: Outbound says I'm squeaky clean.
Virus Database (VPS): 0536-1, 09/06/2005
Tested on: 9/6/2005 11:16:30 PM

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