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more problems

Sent by Ingo Chao on 6 September 2005 22:10

> with firefox when I resize the browser I get a flashing window on the left hand side...any

No way in Fx, I fear. It's fixed in DP.

The problem is the overflow: auto in the four white boxes. 
overflow-container do jump to their origin they would have been placed 
without the preceding floats spacerbox / speechbox and the relatively 
positioned maincontainer. Might happen that this flicker occurs when 
hovering on near links too.

Any solution would try to make these overflown boxes independent in 
their localization from the prior boxes. But that means absolute 
positioning of these preceding boxes and wide margins to align the white 
overflown boxes correctly. That may be a way for one box, but not for 
your construction, I fear.

This will cause a general re-do, but these efforts would be invested 
better in a redo without these little overflown boxes, I think. More 
than two scrollbars on one window are too much for me, and zooming the 
text to make it readable fails because of the little width/height.


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