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3-in-1- IE Burp, Mac checks please, and Conditional

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 6 September 2005 20:08

BJ wrote:
> <>
> ... IE6 in Windoze is increasing padding on the left. Is IEMac doing
>  the same? Or is this just an IE6 fix, as I suspect?

Only IE/win needs a padding-fix (as usual). The conditional commented
link to a separate IE/win stylesheet is the right way to go.

In case you have to fix something else in IE/Mac; put the following in
your main stylesheet and create a separate style sheet for IE/Mac only:

@import url("iemac-fix.css");

....comment and all, which will make this @import invisible to all
browsers but IE/Mac.

> ""trail" is a few pixels off to the right in IE/Mac, and Footer has 
> no background-color. Otherwise OK."
> I put the footer color on the footer paragraph also, and bumped that
>  breadcrumb trail out a few pixels on the right. Is it playing at 
> least a little better in IEMac now?

IE/Mac is doing better with those changes. However, the '+A' aren't
positioned to the left of the text-links, but instead on their own much
further to the left-- somewhere in the middle.

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