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Glitch in IE/Mac & Site Check

Sent by Juanita on 6 September 2005 20:08

Hi David -

thanks for the screen captures - I try to find a fix for the IE5 (text
creeps up) but I'm using Win2000, how would I check it in xp-sp2?  
Also, will probably lighten the bg image on homepage, and darken gray text
of rest.

Thanx for the imput!

David Laakso [EMAIL-REMOVED]> on Tuesday, September 06, 2005 at 12:27
PM -0800 wrote:
>Juanita wrote:
>>I have the makings of a small site which seems to work well in the latest
>>browser (FF, Opera, Netscape 7& IE) if anyone has earlier browser and can
>>let me know if it's really out of wack that would be great.
>Some screen captures (win/2000--  ie/5/5.5/6.0) 
>Check your page in xp-sp2 ie/6.0-- content text drop when fonts zoomed.
>aside: I personally find the violet text superimposed on the photo 
>difficult to read (home page); same for the light gray content text on 
>the other pages.
>David Laakso

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