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OT: Your broken SBS Exchange Server is sending hundreds of mails to me

Sent by Ingo Chao on 6 September 2005 18:06

Please fix your SBS Exchange Server!

Since yesterday I am receiving 4 duplicated mails ("Re: [css-d] A 100% 
horizontal navigation bar") /per hour/ from this

IMB Recipient 1 [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
(name/domain removed)

This email had more recipients, these are getting 4 copies per hour too.

   *The problem is described here*

"IMB Recipient 1 email address added and message duplicated hundreds of 

   *And here is a fix for you*

"Many unexpected outbound e-mail messages appear in the SMTP queue in 
Small Business Server 2003"

I have the flaw hope you are reading this mail, and FIX IT.

I case you didn't understand what to do: UNPLUGGING all cables from the 
wall should do it.

When I change my email adress, the resulting bouncing will reach the 
list. And I can still resist in hitting replay-all in this situation.

The same name/domain of you was involved in the April css-d list breakdown.
(remember "Re: [css-d] is everyone else having this problem?" Were your 
server has send thousands of mails to all list members, and other broken 
collegues' servers started replying)

I have tried really hard to reach you offlist in the past day, no avail. 
Your website is only a black page. The whois-admin is not answering too.

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