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Disappearing items in dropdown menu

Sent by John Lawrence on 6 September 2005 15:03

Hi everyone,

I've been working recently on a cascading menu system that has support 
for tabbing through links and using multiple levels. I thought I'd just 
about got it nailed, but a friend tells me that it looks a bit screwy 
when he views it in IE 5 on the Mac. From what he tells me "bits of it 
randomly dissapear"?? I'm not sure if this is when he's tabbing through 
the links, using the mouse or both...

Unfortunately I don't have a Mac (other than my old LC475 but that's not 
up to doing much with) so I was hoping someone on here would be a Mac 
user and know enough CSS to spot whatever stupid mistake I may have made 
(I'm guessing there should be quite a few of you!!). Thanks for any help 
you can give!

Description of how it all works is here:
The finished menu (the one with the bug) is here:

Oh, and if anyone spots any problems in other browsers I'd be grateful 
to hear about them too!


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