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3-in-1- IE Burp, Mac checks please, and Conditional

Sent by BJ on 6 September 2005 15:03


>I have been staring at every aspect of this css and xhtml for hours 
> now and cannot for the life of me figure out why IE has decided to 
> indent the list items on the lower left hand column list despite 
> everything I've tried to do to get it to stop.

"you may try:
ul.bloglist li {display: inline-block;}"

*slaps herself alongside the head, knowing it would be something simple* Thanks, Georg! That worked
nicely! But now, of course, I need that very nice conditional comment hack to feed IE a different
padding on that list in its very own stylesheet. . . which is a trick I had a feeling would come in
handy! That leads to a question though.  IE6 in Windoze is increasing padding on the left. Is IEMac
doing the same? Or is this just an IE6 fix, as I suspect?

""trail" is a few pixels off to the right in IE/Mac, and Footer has no
background-color. Otherwise OK."

I put the footer color on the footer paragraph also, and bumped that breadcrumb trail out a few
pixels on the right. Is it playing at least a little better in IEMac now?

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