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IE - Clickable transparent link?

Sent by Oliver Hodgson on 5 September 2005 18:06


I'm making a new front-page for a website, and marketing have decided that they want a large area to
be clickable. This area contains multiple headings and paragraphs, so wrapping the whole thing in an
<a> element is impractical.

To achieve this, I'm using an absolutely positioned and sized <a> element within the parent <div>.

This works fine in Firefox. However, in IE6, I am unable to click the link wherever it intersects
with another of the parent div's children, *unless* it has a background colour (hence wiping out all
of the content below)..

I've created a simple test case, so you can see what I mean:


(Link on the left (with a border) is broken in IE, solid link on the right works).

I've checked that hasLayout='true', so that's not the issue here. I think it's just IE6 being a
numpty. Can anybody think of a way to make all of the link clickable in IE?

Thanks in advance,

Olly Hodgson
Web Designer, Sesame

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