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A 100% horizontal navigation bar

Sent by "Choan_C._Gálvez" on 5 September 2005 16:04

Kristina Floyd escribió:
> Hello List
> I'm trying to find an example of a horizontal nav bar that expands and 
> detracts according to its width (there is no start width set).  And is 
> always 100% of the width, with the buttons filling up what ever space is 
> available.
> Currently there are 7 buttons, written in the HTML as a list and then 
> displayed with graphics and inline via the CSS.
> To see an example that my colleague is working on please go to 
> <>
> If you know of any examples of this, I have searched the net but can 
> only really come up with horizontal nav bars that have a set start 
> width, or only take up part of the horizontal bar.


I think this is what you're looking for.


PS: Sorry, today is my unable-to-explain-anything-in-English day.

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