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RE: [css-d] html>body (was RE: how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE 1 2)

Sent by John Woram on 29 January 2002 13:01

Timothy Luoma wrote: "... have you ever searched Google for
'html>body' ?  I got 183,000 hits!

Dont be so impatient. Just do 1,000 a day and you'll be finished in no
time at all<g>.

Actually, I think that html>body line takes advantage of IE's lousy
support for CSS2 -- so it just ignores the line and uses line 1
instead. For CSS2-compliant browsers, line 2 overrides line 1. I don't
know why IE needs "auto" and the others need "visible" to accomplish
the same task though. The line itself simply means a body tag that is
a descendant of an html tag. So it's just a very-clever way of forcing
IE to use line 1, and then disabling line 1 for the others so that it
doesn't cause a problem. On the down side though, what will happen
when (and if) a future IE supports CSS2?

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