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Lost, Dazed & Confused about the right way to setup basic styles

Sent by Joe Huggins on 4 September 2005 15:03

Bruce Searl wrote:

where and how should I define the basic and extra styles for my general body
> text? including smaller text, or special but often used side panel text?
By using contextual selectors and classes you can specify exactly where 
your styles are applied. So, if you have a side panel you might create a 
#sidepanel p {font-size: .7em;}

This rule will only apply to a <p> that appears within the sidepanel and 
no other paragraphs anywhere else.

You could then add a rule with a class: {color: ff0000;}

This class could then be applied to a specific paragraph.

> I get that I can specify attributes for a <p> container... but what about just plain old
> text that happens to be on the page without a <p>inclosing it?</p>
All your text on your page should be enclosed in some sort of element (a 
<p> or <h#> or something). There should not be any text that is not 
enclosed in an element.
> If I assign a style to the body for my body text... 
You can add a rule to <body>, something like:
body {
	background: #CCCCCC url(../body-bkgrd.jpg) repeat-x fixed left bottom;
	font: 100.01% Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;
This sets the font color to black, sets the size to 100% of whatever the 
user has assigned to their browser, and using Arial family. There is 
also some stuff there on a background for the page.

Again, there should be no text outside an element...but if there were it 
would follow these rules.
Why style the table, when the text is what I want to effect and What if 
I want
> more than one thing in a given table cell? 
This is the use of contextual selectors in practice. By using ID's in 
<td>'s then your rule only applies to this particular area.

You can use a class to capture other portions within the cell.

> If I set the style to the table... it will effect the body copy... but then what is the
> correct way to define the fine print.. 
Lastly, try moving away from tables for layout and use the <div> instead.

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