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Lost, Dazed & Confused about the right way to setup basic styles

Sent by Bruce Searl on 4 September 2005 05:05

Hello everyone... I've never posted a question and I'm pretty new at this so here it
I've been dabbling with CSS for some time but I'm just not getting some things at all..
Every where I read, I see that CSS is supposed to allow us to get read of the <font> tag
and all it's clutter... so if I'm  supposed to replace the evil font tag with heavenly
styles... where and how should I define the basic and extra styles for my general body
text? including smaller text, or special but often used side panel text?
I get that I can specify attributes for a <p> container... but what about just plain old
text that happens to be on the page without a <p>inclosing it?</p>
If I assign a style to the body for my body text... it will effect everything... great..
but I've not seen a single tutorial yet that shows that being done... I've seen the say,
style the B {font-size:1em; font-weight: bold;}  and that will effect all you text... but
of course it only effects bold text... so that is wrong... I see that H1, H2, H3 tags can
be styled and given what ever I want.. but once they are turned off... I'm back to just
text on the page... or wanting small fine print... how should I "correctly" define it and
style it so that it's "accepted practice"  
I know this can't be a big deal... I just don't see any example of the correct way to do
I see in Eric Meyer's on CSS book and in some tutorials online that table and or table
cells are given ID's and then the TD/id sets are styled in the style sheet. This seem odd
to me... Why style the table, when the text is what I want to effect and What if I want
more than one thing in a given table cell? 
For example, like in the main body of my page.. I would commonly want a H1, H2 and body
copy, perhaps some smaller fine print and then more body copy and then another H2 and
If I set the style to the table... it will effect the body copy... but then what is the
correct way to define the fine print.. and what of body copy that is out site of the
table... it would have no style effecting it...
I'm lost, dazed and confused!
Any suggestions?
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