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background not showing and right margin not correct in Firefox

Sent by Ingo Chao on 3 September 2005 17:05

Virtuallee wrote:
> I'm having problems figuring out why the left hand side background 
> towards the bottom of this page is not showing (I get a white background 
> to the left and below the green footer).

body takes not the height of html

> Also, in Firefox, the right hand column with the 2 boxes is moving out 
> to the right. In IE, it's fine.

IE/Win is incorrect, the margin-right: 38px relies on the doubled margin 
bug on floats


html { height:100% }

body {
	_height: 100%; /* better use CC to serve it to IE6Win only */

#sidecolumn {
	margin-right: 75px;
	display: inline; /* fix IE double margin bug*/


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