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page footer sliding between text

Sent by Bob Easton on 3 September 2005 11:11

Graham Reeds wrote:
> I'm having a spot of bother with my CSS.  It seemed fairly straight 
> forward but nothing I have tried has sorted it.  I'm fairly certain that 
> it is easily fixable but I haven't found a way and it is beginning to 
> annoy me.  I've checked the last couple of months but the high volume on 
> the list makes it nigh impossible to see if someone has had a similar 
> problem to mine.
> The problem: I have header with two columns below it followed by a 
> footer.  Fairly standard.
> There is a possibility that the two content columns can be larger than 
> the other so I have wrapped them both up in a container div, floated one 
> left, the other right with the footer beneath outside the containing div 
> like so:
> #header { ...stuff... }
> #content { width: 100%; }
> #container1 { width: 470px; float: right; }
> #container2 { width: 130px; float: left; }
> #footer { width: 100%; }
> However the footer div slides up between the two containers when it 
> should be positioned directly beneath the content.
> I've tried setting the position and stuff but nothing gets it lined up - 
> I am missing a certain combination of rules but don't know what?
> Any ideas?

Add clear:both; to #footer. That will force it to clear the floats above 
it and sit beneath them.

Bob Easton
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