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Header Width

Sent by Thierry Koblentz on 3 September 2005 06:06

Thierry Koblentz wrote:
> I found out that (atleast in this case) a better fix than using an
> explicite width is to include a "display:inline-block" declaration in
> the rule (IE Win).
> Unfortunately, "display:inline-block" is not a sure fix for IE5 Mac,
> and sometimes, specifying a width is the only solution...

Something didn't seem right, so I've check that site again and found out
that the author has *another* declaration below the main rule for the
anchors, a single *float:none* declaration. That's why a specific width or
inline-block were doing the trick, because these anchors were blocks and
were *not* "floated" after all, duh!
My apology for this totally *wrong* info regarding this case...(the bit
about IE5 Mac and NN4 is good though ;)

Thierry |

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