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Border on inline element in last block in IEWin 6

Sent by Dennis Bixler on 2 September 2005 21:09

I think that has to do with the lower-case characters that have sections
protruding below the baseline of the text, like p and g. IE doesn't
extend the containing below the baseline but the box around the text
does, therefore causing the disappearing bottom border. "p" elements
normally have padding below so it doesn't show up under normal

I guess your solution of the padding is probably the only one, either
that or don't use any of the offending letters :). Perhaps someone has a
better solution.

Dennis Bixler

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From: Ellen Herzfeld [EMAIL-REMOVED]] 

I encountered an anomaly I hadn't seen before in 
Internet Explorer 6: the bottom border on an 
inline element disappears in the last block on 
the page. Adding a 1px bottom padding fixes the 

In IE5.5, strangely, there is no problem. In IE5 
no problem either, because no border :-)

If you want to check it out (only in Internet Explorer 6):

I tried to find this documented and maybe 
explained somewhere but couldn't. Can anyone give 
me a pointer?



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